Investigations and Process Service in the Mid-Atlantic

Bob Adams has a stellar reputation of honesty and integrity built over 40 years in business. Bob's legal and professional experience is backed by many years of serving process through private process service. He has successfully served legal documents for attorneys, landlords, general business clients, and individuals in need of reliable and accurate results.

Bob's character, personal values, and his hands-on experience are applied to any situation he undertakes, creating a broad scope of quality work. Some specific industries that Bob knows exceptionally well are the securities industry, the mortgage industry, and franchise operations. Additionally, Bob is familiar with the workings of both retail and wholesale automobile businesses.

Solid Service and Investigations will never misrepresent or overstate our capabilities. If we have the privilege of providing services to you, you can be confident that we will deliver as promised.

Contact us and describe your need to learn how we can deliver the results you seek and at what cost. We customize our services to suit your precise needs yet we still deliver for less!

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Private Investigator

Ask us about a free background report!
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Process Service

Legally notifying an individual, defendant, or party of their involvement in a court proceeding or other matter. Our process servers serve across Virginia and beyond to ensure that due process is upheld.

Mobile Notary

Authorization of signatures on legal contracts on behalf of the state to uphold their legal status. Notaries certify that people understand their signatures hold legal consequences. We are mobile and able to notarize your documents when and where you need.

Secure Document Delivery

Delivery of documents from any location to another. Our team is accustomed to handling sensitive legal documents and can guarantee the safety of your materials.

Skip Tracing

Locating individuals in order to serve them legal documents or just report their whereabouts. Our professional process servers can track the location of the person you need served so that your case continues on time, as planned.

Domestic Investigations

Investigating family situations with discretion and privacy in mind. We can uncover the answers that you need while also upholding confidential standards.

Workplace Investigations

Subtle workplace investigations to research if your employees are partaking in any illegal activities to intentionally harm your company.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Research insurance claims to uncover if there is any malicious intent to defraud an insurance company or if the claim is legitimate.

Financial Investigations

Analysis of financial statements and transactions that may reveal hidden assets or suspicious activity.

Digital Evidence Retrieval

Need to uncover texts, emails, GPS records, photos, etc. from a computer or mobile device? Learn what your significant other, litigant, employee / employer or anyone is up to. Any device, anywhere! Not limited to Virginia. Data is remotely accessed and a concise report is provided. Yes, it’s legal! The most reasonable cost/value out there, starting at only $499. Call for a quote.

Pre-dating Screens

Basic checks to ensure that the person you are dating, engaged, or married to is who they say they are. An extra level of security and peace of mind for your personal life.

Background Checks

Research to determine any criminal incidents, unforeseen circumstances, or warning signs for potential employees, individuals of interest, or others.


Gathering evidence through videos, photos, or observations to prove or disprove a claim or to document alleged behavior. Subtle and discrete.

GPS Tracking

Learn the location of any vehicle at any time. Call for details, costs and legality summary.

Legal Support Services

Solid Service is proud to serve process in any state within a 150-mile radius of Warrenton, Virginia and Investigations anywhere in Virginia.

Solid Service and Investigations is proud to offer the best legal support services and process services available.

Our process servers always go the extra mile.

Contact us to hear how we can deliver the results you need. We tailor our services to each case to help guarantee the best results at a great value.

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Private Process Service

Includes service as required and Affidavit/Proof of Service returned to you or filed at the court. Cost includes 3 attempts if an accurate location is provided.

  • Within 30 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $65
  • Within 31 to 60 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $75
  • Within 61 to 100 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $90
  • Please call for a quote over 100 miles or special circumstances. We will be very competitive!
  • Multiple documents to same place and same person or entity - No Extra Charge
  • Same location, multiple recipients - $15 per each additional recipient requiring affidavit
  • *Are you juuust into a price increase because of the miles? Let’s talk!

Mobile Notary Services

Virginia coverage only.

  • Within 30 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $43
  • Within 31 to 60 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $52
  • Within 61 to 100 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $65
  • Please call for a quote over 100 miles or special circumstances. We will be very competitive!
  • *Note: Actual notary fee is $5.00. Additional amount is for time and distance.

Secure Document/Package Delivery

Items 20lb or less, same or next day delivery during business hours:

  • Within 30 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $28
  • Within 31 to 60 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $45
  • Within 61 to 100 mile radius of Warrenton VA - $75
  • Over 20lb Add $0.30 per pound. Limit for this service is 50lb.
  • Call for quote over 50lb.
  • Rush (2 hour guarantee) Add $35
  • Night delivery (after 6pm) Add $35
  • Holidays (using Federal Holiday Schedule) add $35

Private Investigative Services

Virginia coverage only. Virginia DCJS # 11-17046. We have $1.000.000 Liability Insurance in Force

  • Hourly - $70*
  • Per assignment/case instead of hourly - Call for quote
  • *Four hour ($280) deposit required to begin investigative work
  • Any funds not used for completing your case will be promptly refunded.

Digital Evidence Retrieval

Anywhere. Build your case with forensic evidence from a cell phone, computer, GPS unit,etc.

  • Starting at $499 - Call for quote

Background Report

  • $29

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